Jeremy Firth

“I didn't know that all of the things I struggle with personally

had an underlying thread: OCD. Thanks again for posting this

documentary. I am going to call a therapist today and start

ridding my life of clutter. Your film helped me understand

that I'm not alone, and that there's a way out.”

Kymm Stokke

“Powerful--stunning--shocking--and terribly terribly sad.

Your film has made a real impact on me and I am resolved

to respect what I have and to learn what is enough.”

Cara Miller

“Now I have seen my future and I know I have to change it.

Last week I used the term "Hoarder" to describe myself for

the first time in almost 40 years. I know I have a problem now.

A real problem”


“This film really helps me in that I don't feel so "outcasted"

and some friends have watched it and suddenly have a new

look on me.”